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Appliance and Plumbing Installation on Vancouver Island

We are happy to offer the following types of installation services:

Dishwasher Installation/Replacement

Dishwashers are one of the best inventions for your home that save you time and energy. But when your dishwasher starts to malfunction due to problems in your water supply, drain line or damage, it could cause you more stress in your already busy schedule. Here's the solution. Call Royal Rooter Plumbing today and we'll take that problem off your hands and give you a quick and easy solution. We deliver the most professional technicians who work quickly and effectively to replace or install a new dishwasher to put your mind at ease. It will be the quickest and best decision of your life.

Kitchen Tap Installation/Replacement

Kitchen taps are extremely useful when it comes to your daily life. They serve in many ways like washing dishes, hygiene purposes, cleaning and so much more. Simple and accessible water is a blessing, but when damaged due to corrosion of parts or faulty plumbing it could turn that little ray of sunshine into a nerve-wrecking storm. Royal Rooter Plumbing provides the umbrella for your solution. With our highly trained technicians you can organize a quick appointment and we'll be at your footsteps ready to install or replace that leaky tap of yours and give you a new one that will be the jewel of any washroom or kitchen.

Water Back Up Valves Installation/Replacement

Drainage pipes are helpful when they flow all your used water out of your house but not when they help unwanted water to get into your house. When your main sewer gets clogged, waste water will back up into any empty pipe (including yours) and make waste water flood into homes. Even if you live on top of a hill! However, Royal Rooter Plumbing has the plug for your problem! Our smart technicians will provide you the answer you've been looking for by installing or replacing a backwater valve which will make your pipes flow only one way. If water starts to back up the backwater valve will automatically close and prevent any sewage going into your homes ever again.

Tubs & Sinks Unclog

Tubs and Sinks are so handy when it comes to gathering used water and properly draining it out for you. Imagine if you had to carefully gather all the water that you used and dump it out without making a mess. Talk about a hassle, and the worst part is that this could happen to you! A buildup of hair, toothpaste and soap could eventually clog your drain lines which could cause slow or no drainage whatsoever. However thanks to Royal Rooter Plumbing your solution is one phone call away. With our caring technicians we'll clean up that mess and make your drain lines work as if they were new again. The best part is that they'll leave their workplace so clean you won't even remember having a problem with your tubs or sinks.

Sump Pump & Pits Installation

Sump Pumps & Pits prevent flooding in any basement. It works by submerging a sump pump into a sump pit which is located at the lowest part of your house. It is then activated when enough water moves a floater within the pit to a predetermined height activating the sump pump which pumps the water out to the nearest storm drain, dry well or detention pond. Most new homes have already installed this device but some older homes still lack this. This is where Royal Rooter Plumbing comes along and does all of the hard work for you to save you time, energy and money. With our thoughtful technicians we'll install that sump pump and save you countless hours trying to salvage and dry off your treasured items and precious memories from water.


3460 Cedar Hill Road, Saanich, 
BC, V8P 3Z1

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